Friday, June 15, 2012


My fence!
The Olympics in May
Helping Moms

Found my brush!

Auntie Cory, Quintin, Bryce & Kitteh

I'm so excited!
Quintin's birthday pic!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the wonderful Vets out there! Especially to my Great-Grandma Ethel Thor Nelson, Great-Grandpa Ralph Kingsbury, and Uncle Wes Johns!
We celebrated at the Memorial Day event at Vaughn Cemetery where GG Ethel and GG Ralph's flags are proudly flown every year. We then had the after-party over at Grandpa & Grandma's Beach. A great day with friends and family in the most beautiful place in my world!

Some of the 300+ flags flown at Vaughn Cemetery on Memorial Day

There's my Peep's flags!

GG Hazel and GG Ralph's Flag

Ralph H. Kingsbury - US Navy

GG Ethel's flag!
My fam and my flag!

Ethel Thor Nelson - US Army Nurse
I love Memorial Day and the Beach!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grandkids, Salmon & a view of Mt Rainier

It really never gets old...
Grammie & Granddad's Brood

We almost got everyone looking!

Sampson before he got his locks chopped

"You there! Here is my toy!"

Welcome Quintin Kingsbury Roberts!

 Happy Birthday, Quintin! 
Welcome to the world! We are so glad you are here!
And I'm not the youngest cousin anymore!!
I love your awesome new house, too! A great yard for us to play in!
Ye Ol' Watering Hole! Wow, Yakima is hot!

Somebody knows how to keep cool!

You look!

Now, you look!

Ahhh, kissin cousins!

Hi, Quintin!

So perfect and cozy

Grandma Betty, Quintin, Daddio & Me

The Kingsbury-Roberts Gang!

Moms, Me, Kennedy & my new friend Casey

Everleigh and Kennedy had us over for a sweet Mexican Fiesta! 
My Aunties, Uncles & peeps were there - Alvin & Michelle, Matt & Caren, Cedar & Asher, Zak & Meagan, and Everleigh & Kennedy. We had a blast hanging on the deck and playing in the sun! Thanks for the lovely day!

Everleigh and Asher showing me the ropes

A couple of hoodlums!

Oh Hi!

Easter 2k12

Moms and me ready to parrrr-tttteee!
 Whoa! I've been busy getting my new house and yard all fixed up so I can throw myself a 1st birthday party at the end of June and haven't had time to update my Peeps!

I've got lots to share and will try not to let my busy baby life hold me back from my Peeps! So, let's get to the updates!

Happy Easter... in June! I got to celebrate with lots of friends and family. What a wonderful way to remember!

On Easter Saturday, I hit Grandpa & Grandma's for lunch with Great Grandma, and then we hit the Sehmel Homestead Park party with my friends. On Sunday, I headed to Grammie & Granddad's to hang with all my Johns Aunties, Uncles & Cousins! 

Here's proof!

Uncle Damon and Cousin Bryce playing Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Cousin Bryce and Everleigh doing the Sehmel Park Hula!

Hangin' on my porch with Auntie Cory and Aunt Sandy... in the Sun!

Great Grandma, Auntie Cory & me relaxin before supper (pre-Quintin)

Great Grandma reading to Bryce and me

Auntie Cory, Me, GG Hazel & Daddio!

Party at Grammie & Granddad's! I love swinging! Thanks for pushing me, Katie!

Ahhh, after dinner drinks...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have been off the grid while my folks move all my stuff to our new house. I'm finally back online and want to wish my Auntie Jessi a belated Happy 40th Birthday!

Last Summer at Wrights Park
Uncle David, Lachlan & Elsie threw her a great bash at their local coffee shop. I had fun with all my cousins and stuffed myself on a great potluck of food!